Product Data Management and Manufacturing Operations

Solution for Engineering & Manufacturing Company with Less Than 100 Employees

DEXMA is unique to traditional PDM and PLM solutions:

  • Expanded Feature Set: Capabilities that span engineering and manufacturing
  • Integrated with Project Management: Facilitates collaborative engineering, optimizes work flows and product data management is a natural outcome.
  • Fast, Simple & Flexible Deployment: Minimal set-up, client is a browser with no software to install, hosted in the cloud or on-premise behind your firewall
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Improve Efficiency–Save Money–Increase Productivity

Benefits that the small and medium sized business demand

Simple and easy deployment
Low-cost SaaS licensing model
Cloud or on-premise options

Seamless collaboration
Versioning and control

PDM integrated with project management
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Purchase Order Management

Spans engineering and manufacturing
Option of deploying over the cloud
Quick time lane to productivity

What DEXMA does

  • Product Data

    DEXMA manages all of the data for all of your products, ensuring a single "source of truth". DEXMA manages and secures parts, assemblies, documents, BOMs and more.


  • Project

    Why integrated project management? Because companies are in the business of bringing products to market, which requires projects – DEXMA manages product data within the context of projects.


  • MRP

    Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is crucial for making sure you production line has the parts to build your products.


  • Purchase Order

    DEXMA maintains a part and vendor catalog. By applying the purchase plan against these catalogs, purchase orders can be created. DEXMA tracks the receiving of parts against the open purchase orders and even supports multiple warehouses.



DEXMA was developed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest in open source web technologies in order to provide the best value, performance and security to customers.

The DEXMA project started in 2010 as an internal project within ASCON, a developer of CAD/AEC/PLM solutions. ASCON solutions are used in industries from automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace and defense, oil production and power generation, manufacturing and construction, electronics and engineering industries.

DEXMA in the cloud is an online collaborative project management platform for product design and engineeering management. Start learning DEXMA in the cloud by clicking signin/signup on the right.