What is DEXMA project ?

DEXMA is a product of DEXMA Labs, a subsidiary of ASCON Group. ASCON Group is a leading developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions operating in 60 offices/dealer centers worldwide. ASCON installations exceed 40,000 seats in automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace and defense, oil production and power generation, manufacturing and construction, electronics and engineering industries.
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The DEXMA project started in 2010 as internal project in ASCON. During this time it was determined there was a market need for a web-based product data management system, within a project management solution that also had extended functionality into manufacturing operations with capabilities such as MRP and purchase order management. From a technical perspective, it was determined to take advantage of the latest in open source web technologies in order to provide the best value, performance and security to customers.
DEXMA is currently taking on early adopter clients. If you would like to be considered for the beta program, please email us.
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