How did we start DEXMA ?

There are 2 main processes in product engineering - product design and product manufacturing. It goes without saying that any modern engineering company has a need to shift to automated business proccesses and implement up-to-date IT solutions (ERP, MRP, PDM and PLM solutions) that will meet current business needs and upcoming business goals. The need for automation comes from an inability to manage growing data, geographically dispursed business processes and teams and, moreover, control those processes and remote projects participants.
Most companies do not want to feel headache and pain when choosing software – they start with simple, stable and wide-spread solutions and end up with Excel and Dropbox. But many of those businesses start to look further for customized professional solutions with wider feature set. When looking for appropriate solutions companies start with those that are traditional (and popular) in design and manufacturing and have good success stories told by other companies.
In DEXMA Labs we decided to approach the “status quo” with developing new solution that will be able to automate 2 significant engineering processes - design and manufacturing. We solved this issue via process engine. We proudly call it "know-how". The idea of this "know-how" approaches design and manufacturing processes from unified logic position and present product data in the context of performed processes. This logic allows to come closer to solving PLM problems as accessing files when working in collaborative mode and change management.
When we started project in 2009-2010 SaaS was a trendy topic in IT and it is still on agenda list of many companies. When using SaaS solutions companies can optimize and decrease IT costs significantly. That is why many smaller companies are willing to look closer to SaaS solutions for SMBs because they are cheaper, no need to invest funds and no need to have large IT team for support and maintenance.
WEB solutions (cloud solutions, SaaS solutions) give an oppportunity to work remotely from any location in the world. It is already a must in a globalized world where mobile technologies and freelance jobs are usual things. Those solutions bring not only peer-to-peer communications but allow companies interact with each other. Parts catalogs in DEXMA are the base to provide those communications.
Combining of all those factors led to idea of developing DEXMA. Then we followed traditional path for building-up as team members recruting, project planning, investors approval, hard operational and managerial work in order to bring DEXMA live.
We released first beta on the 5th of September 2013 and DEXMA became available on Bringing DEXMA online grabbed attention of engineering professionals and they shared what is good in DEXMA and what can be done to make system meeting their needs.
In october 2012 it was agreed that DEXMA project to become a subsidiary entity of ASCON Group (the sole investor). When improving design management functionality we keep our focus on manufacturing part as a key element of DEXMA as PLM solution. We launched closed loop MRP in DEXMA in february of 2013.