December Release (version 1.4)

Below is the list of the updates we have prepared with pre-new year release of DEXMA (version 1.4):

1) Each item in the product structure can be substituted with alternative or compatible items (parts, objects) that were set under compatability/alternative tab – tabs are displayed in property window of all catalogs (purchasable, in-house developed, materials).

2) For the purpose of faster product development we have placed button (above product structure) for quickly adding parts into product structure. Use this button to create a new part or assembly, take parts from other projects or add purchasable item or material.

3) Corporate version only: order (sales, purchase, manufacturing) search by date and items.

4) Corporate version only: adding (attaching) any file to any order item (sales item, purchase item, manufacturing item).

5) Corporate version only: New report template for confirming purchase list is available.