DEXMA version 1.5 release

We are glad to inform users with the updates in the 5th release of DEXMA. Read through the list below to get to know what became available:

1) Document Manager application was moved to product structure mode and is displayed now under document viewing area. Now you can import new files, attach files to objects of product structure, getting BOM from CAD in this area;

2) Search for elements of product tree (assembly) is available;

3) When under properties of subtask in workplan (product structure editor) - documents attached (added) for editing (modification) now can be opened in document manager;

4) Adding user to contractor has become easier, find user in the contractor table (job market) and click to invite in user profile window – the user will be immediately included in the company with a contractor status;

5) Search user by email is now a standard search option (previously it was an option of advanced search);

6) Users with employee status can retire themselves from the company (previously users with “contractor” statuses);

7) When creating subtask (open project application) work result publication request option will be set automatically (default) and can only be removed by initiator of upper level task;

8) Update in corporate version: new system role has been added – “task initiator”. Users with this role can assign subtasks to themselves.