Explore catalogs and apply parts for faster product development
Wide range of components from different suppliers can be immediately used in product design

Part transfer from catalog to finished product

Parts lifecycle from input to finished product output

DEXMA provides non-stop information flow on used components starting from supplier (manufacturer) and ending with this supplier (manufacturer). Parts manufacturer place parts and detailed information on them to DEXMA catalogs. Then product designers find them in the catalog and apply to products in their projects and creating BOM that will be passed to manufacturing company for physical production.

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Look for parts and view their 3D models

Searching and viewing parts for your project

In public parts catalog you can place your own in-house developed parts and their terms of delivery. After adding your own parts you will be the only one authorized to edit it. Search capability allows to find necessary component and view its 3D model, display and view text and graph formats. You can export components from public portal to be used on your corporate DEXMA (hosted on corporate server).

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Include suitable part into designed product

Including of purchased part into product structure

In DEXMA there is capability to add purchased parts manually into product structure from catalogs or automatically from CAD-files. Purchased parts can be added to product structure (BOM) and to manufacturing BOM (MBOM) as well.

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Assign attributes for new components

Generating new parts for your project

Using parts with fixed attributes (geometry, material etc) is not efective anymore. To work with parts family DEXMA allows to generate new parts based on parametrized CAD model and attributes of constraint table. It is possible via using C3D engine of KOMPAS-3D CAD built in DEXMA.Models of newly generated parts will be saved in STEP format and can be used further in any CAD software.

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Check pricing before the purchase See Pricing

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