Utilize DEXMA collaboration capability in the design process
Invite engineers, assign tasks, optimize workload on the way to effective result

Plan projects and workloads

Review workplan for the ongoing project

In few minutes you can create project workplan with realistic deadlines for the tasks and workload of project participants. Under dashboard apllication in DEXMA you can see all current projects and see what is happening inside the projects.

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Create, use and sync files

Engineering collaboration: work with CAD files together

Working with CAD files and documents allows syncronization of files of any formats between local folders and DEXMA server and as well use files from previous projects. You can always check the file change history.

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Get your BOM from CAD files

Extract BOM from CAD files

As opposite to creating BOM (bill of materials) in manual mode we can use the BOM function intergrated into CAD software. In the latter case, DEXMA recognizes objects that are used by CAD models, were created previously in completed projects, or are from parts catalogs. Currently, DEXMA integrated with SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and KOMPAS-3D.

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Create product structure and attach documents to its components

Creating BOM of your product

Product strucure (product tree or assembly tree) is a basis for engineering processes management. DEXMA offers you 2 alternatives to create product structure (tree) - 1) manually using parts and materials calalog or 2) automotically via CAD integration (DEXMA works with SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, KOMPAS-3D 3D-files). Adding documents to any component or subassembly of product structure is available (when using CAD integration it is done automatically). DEXMA displays 3D models of products, pdf, html, images. When creating BOM (bill of materials) you can organize components and subassemblies of your product into groups (click image on the left). Configuration of products is available in DEXMA for companies working in "assemble to order" environment. Report generation in DEXMA can be used for sharing those reports with external manufactures.

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Calculate product cost

Preliminary product price estimation

Via approximate cost calculation for upcoming product gives you preliminary understanding whether to accept an order or not for allowing it in fabrication process. When calculating the cost the following factors can be taken into account - already existing components and sub-assemblies, components that do not exist, other costs as design, transportation, implementaion etc.

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See change history of safely preserved files

Digital Engineering Archive: safe storage for all previous projects

Once the project is finished files and products associated with it can be found in DEXMA`s archieve. All changes and documents can be seen here. If you are authorized to have access to archieve then you can modify product versions, which in the case of DEXMA is just another project that can be planned, executed, and tracked in history.

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Check pricing before the purchase See Pricing

Manufacturing management: manufacturing MRP II and Logisctics