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MRP cycle in DEXMA

Material resources planning cycle in DEXMA

In DEXMA material resources planning is realized viа closed loop MRP that allows to plan your orders and control the process of its execution.

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Desribe manufacturing method for the product

Creating MBOM (Manufacturing BOM) of a product

BOM (bill of materials, engineering bill of materials) is not enough for planning and manufacturing processes of a product. It is important to show how all its components are manufactured or supplied. Having an accurate manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) is important because it provides details on all the parts required to build a shippable product. The manufacturing BOM contains all the parts and assemblies required to build a complete product. Interconnection of components and related processes is called MBOM (manufacturing bill of materials) in DEXMA. Initially MBOM can be extracted from previously created BOM automatically. Having created MBOM you can choose manufacturing units for parts and components, units of origin (supply) and warehouse units for parts and components.

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Production cycle preview

Working with manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM)

After setting duration for each manufacturing processes the whole picture can be displayed in Gantt chart. Any documents (work instructions) can be attached to related processes and viewed later. MBOM can differ from BOM, you can arrange an order for manufacturing processes (flow).

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Inventory management and control

In DEXMA you can perform all common warehouse operations such as goods arrivals, goods release, goods movements, put them to stocks, write-off items and doing inventory check. DEXMA is not aimed to generate primary warehouse documents on goods movements that usually include cost parameters. You can use data export functionality on logistic transactions from DEXMA.

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Plan manufacturing, purchases and components movement

Manufacturing and purchases planning

Plan manufacturing, purchases, movement of components and products based on sales orders, warehouse components availability and MBOM. You can apply different planning scenarios with changing planning parameters. The planning results in manufacturing prders, purchases and movements and can be used by employees of other business units.

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Plan orders execution

Orders execution and completion

Register in DEXMA information that production orders, purchasing orders, sales orders are completed and executed. Use this information to control the manufacturing process.

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Check pricing before the purchase See Pricing

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