Why choose DEXMA?

All-in-one solution to manage design and manufacturing for SMB

No need to implement several systems. Now engineering and manufacturing companies manage processes inside one system.

  • Engineering collaboration

    Seamless collaboration via working together in a team. Make design process faster by creating your product in a group of people - assign tasks, optimize workloads, apply new
    design to final product.

  • MRP and Purchase Order

    Understand what, where, when and how much to purchase, release and manufacture. Manage warehouse. Understand what to do if something goes wrong.

  • Shared Parts Catalog

    Quickly find and apply components that has been designed and manufactured by other companies. Offer your components to others.

Easy to Deploy - in hours, not days and months

We offer businesses two deployment options

  • From $19
    Cloud and on-premise

    Zero investments in IT. Deployment time reduction. Automatic updates. Scalability. Reliability. You can relocate DEXMA from cloud deployment to on-premise at any time. Keep your data under control on your own server. If you are not sure whether cloud deployment is right choice for your company then deployment behind your corporate firewall is good for your data.

  • From $19
    Minimal IT Costs

    DEXMA is ideal solution for small and medium engineering companies willing to optimize IT costs. Flexible subscription and pricing model allows to choose product configuration, number of users and duration period. You pay only for chosen parameters. DEXMA is web system. No need to download and install it on PCs of users.

Advanced functionality with Simplified User Interface


High-grade PDM/PLM functionality for engineering

DEXMA offers essential and significant functionality for engineering. Such as working with CAD files in collaborative mode, 3D model viewing in browser without launching specific applications, working with parts families and many others.


Fast Learning Curve

DEXMA does not require extensive setup like most PLM systems. It empowers the project manager. Learning to work in DEXMA is intuitive. Manuals are on-line and there is context sensitive help in all screens.