Everything you need to know about DEXMA

  • About DEXMA Labs and DEXMA system

    • What is the relationship between DEXMA Labs and the ASCON Group ?

      ASCON company has been always experimenting with its products on new markets. DEXMA solution is a new one targetting local and overseas markets with up-to-date approach to solve problems of SMB enterprises. DEXMA is a product of DEXMA Labs which is subsidiary entity of ASCON and standalone LLC. ASCON is a key investor in DEXMA solution.

    • What geographical markets are served by DEXMA ?

      We are worldwide solution. DEXMA solution is potentially a good fit for SMBs (engineering and manufacturing) from industrial countries like USA, Germany, UK, Russia etc.

    • Who can use DEXMA ?

      DEXMA is suitable solution for engineering teams working in distributed mode and engineering (manufacturing) companies (SMB) to manage engineering design projects and manage manufacturring processes of in-house developed project. Our solution is good for small to medium engineering/manufacturing companies (SMB) that engineer and manufacture new products based on assemble-to-order and make-to-order environments. If you treasure  time and costs to solve your business issues DEXMA is right for your organisation. We count on companies with number of inhouse engineers under 25. But any big interested companies are also welcomed to use DEXMA. In this case they should understand that DEXMA is not customizable solution. In situation when many organisations are asking for developing extra features and functions we are ready to put them into work.

    • What opportunities are there for partnering with DEXMA ?

      DEXMA Labs is interested to start comminication with any company for promotion, sales and servicing DEXMA solution. If you are an independent PLM enthusiast, cloud service provider, IT company, software reseller we are open to your suggestions and thoughts.

  • Features and functionalities

    • What file formats can be viewed in DEXMA ?

      In DEXMA the following file formats can be viewed:

      1) 3D models of SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, KOMPAS-3D, Parasolid text, Parasolid binary, STEP, SAT, COLLADA.
      2) Text and graphic format as PDF, HTML, txt, jpg, png, bmp, gif.

    • Am I limited in features when using free trial ?

      No, after sign up you get access to fully-featured design management version of DEXMA at cloud.dexma-plm.com.

    • What is intergration with CAD ?

      It is well know fact that CAD software is number one tool for engineers to make a model of upcoming part. DEXMA handles the following task - to extract information from CAD software for upcoming design and manufacturing. The data includes

      - BOM data

      - Association between the files

      - Graphic presentation of 3D models

      At the moment DEXMA is able to get this information from SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and KOMPAS 3D models. Besides reading information from existing CAD-models, DEXMA allows to find and apply files of existing products with tracing linkage (associations).

    • Is it possible to generate manufacturing orders, purchase orders and movement orders manually ?

      Yes, you can do that in DEXMA.

    • Is it possible to put stores (parts, components) to stock without binding to orders ?

      Yes, but we do not recommend to do it too often.

    • Is it possible to calculate and optimize production capacity in DEXMA ?

      Not currently available.

    • Is there versioning in DEXMA ?

      1) For files: every time you save file it will be recorded in the project history. You can review the history in the Document Manager application. 2) For designed products: work in DEXMA is performed in context of the assigned tasks and any change made by the user is recorded under the task the user is performing. You can trace product change history in the archive. 3) You cannot save changes for catalog objects. Catalogs can be edited by users with the assigned administrative role in DEXMA.

    • Does DEXMA support working with e-signature ?

      The DEXMA functionality does not include e-signatures.  There are many solution available which can be used with DEXMA.

    • Is there check-in and check-out in DEXMA ?

      DEXMA uses an alternative approach to check-in/check-out, which we believe fits the SMB better. There are many approaches to solve the issue of collaborative work with files: 1) check-in/check-out when files are blocked for editing and parallel editing is not possible, 2) update-commit when parallel editing is available with the following results merging, 3) parallel working with document as a database (like google docs). We chose the second one as it gives speed up your working process.

    • Can DEXMA be customized as to my needs and preferences ?

      You cannot change or modify functionality of DEXMA. You can only tune reports and classifications rules. In future we are planning to open source codes for developers (except server core).

    • Can I integrate DEXMA with other systems (ERP, accounting etc.) ?

      You can integrate DEXMA with installed systems on your local drive via export/import of data through XML files (what about the Cloud deployment?). You are able to export and import catalogs and product structure, export logistic transactions. A DEXMA API is currently under development.

    • What are the advantages of DEXMA to other PLM systems ?

      DEXMA is NEW generation of PLM software that is offered as SaaS, need no customization, with quick setup and installation process, priced for SMBs. DEXMA offers wide ranging functionality both in design and manufacturing management (not sure this is the right term).

    • Why does DEXMA log me out when I click back button in the browser ?

      AJAX technology was used when we were developing DEXMA. It allows to work with dynamic data without reloading the page. The only disadvantage is that page with AJAX script does not support the brower BACK button.

  • System requirements and deployments

    • What software do I need to install on my PC to work in DEXMA ?

      1) We recommend to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When using Internet Explorer some elements will be displayed incorrectly. 2) You need Java to be installed (JRE). Otherwise, your browser will install ot update it automatically. 3) To work with linked CAD files your PC should have NTFS file system or other hard links technology (FAT does not support working with hard links).

    • What server do I need to deploy DEXMA ?

      1) DEXMA works correctly on Linux, Windows, MasOS;  2) You need virtual or real machine on Windows in order to work with CAD-files via API CAD. You do not need to install CAD software on this virtual machine.

    • Where can my company deploy DEXMA ?

      There are 2 deployments for our customers – cloud-based and on-premise. In case of cloud-based deployment we host all your data and protect it on secure servers. If you decide to keep your data inside your company only, on-premise deployment is a right choice for you.

    • Who can assist me with deploying DEXMA on my server ?

      Our support team is ready to help you with deploying DEXMA on-premise and any other technical issues.

    • What does "relocate DEXMA to my server" mean ?

      Backing up your database on our server (server of our dedicated hosting partner) and hosting DEXMA and your database on your own server. Yuo can do it on your own.

    • What databases are supported by DEXMA ?

      At the moment only PostgreSQL.  Later if bigger organisations show interest in DEXMA we will be ready to support the following databases as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.  We will be able to perform that because DEXMA is built on J2EE.

  • Support